Searching turns into finding with is a fast and targeted search engine for consumers and companies, with which you can find companies on a regional level in France.

The international qlik-sites are visited by nearly 200000 visitors daily, making the most cost-effective search engine for promoting your company and your website.

How it works has divided french companies into 96 departments and about 1000 categories. For each category in each department, there are 5 preferred positions which can be hired on a yearly basis. These preferred positions will always be shown first to our users.Register now and book your position.

per region and category
Position 1 EUR 100,-
Position 2 EUR 100,-
Position 3 EUR 100,-
Position 4 EUR 100,-
Position 5 EUR 100,-

Example: by choosing all departments of the Provence-Alps-Côte d'Azur region, for one category (6 departments) on the fifth position, you would only pay EUR 600,- excl. VAT.'s main target is to help the consumers and the business world to find your website quicker and easier than traditional search engines do.

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